Expanded Metal Mesh Products

We are engaged at offering a wide range of Expanded Metal Mesh Products that are dimensionally accurate and extensively used in the construction industry. Expanded Metal Mesh Products are used in sun screening, cladding, building staircases, steps, balcony etc. The main feature of Expanded Metal Mesh Products we offer is that, it is easy to bend, cut and do any metal work with. Be it a large or small construction project, our Expanded Metal Mesh Products will definitely add life to your ceiling surface.

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Angle Beads
The Angle Beads we offer to our clients have a smooth round nose bead with a diamond mesh wing that keys plaster right up to the nose of the bead. On the exterior of the Angle Beads is a finished edge, where, on the one side a drywall knife runs on when applying a drywall mud, while the other side holds the plaster. The mesh in Angle Beads

Architrave Beads
Designed for creating a wider shadow gap during construction, Architrave Beads creates clean plaster edges that abut with the concrete frame in such a way that the edges of the construction does not damage at all. In addition to this, Architrave Beads that we offer are extensively used as plaster stop profile, while creating a shadow like

Control Joint Beads
Control Joint Beads are 1-piece joints designed to relieve stress and minimize cracking. Control Joint Beads can accommodate the initial shrinkage and minor thermo movement of the concrete, once the concrete is set for drying. The Control Joint Beads forms a membrane panel that protects wall against variable temperature change. The Control

Movement Beads
We are amongst the prominent Suppliers of Movement Beads. The Movement Beads we offer allow movement between adjoining surface resulting from differential expansion or settlement of concrete. Produced in accordance with BS 13658- 1&2:2005 standard, generally, galvanized steel is generally used for the production of Movement Beads. Although

Plaster Stop Beads
Plaster Stop Beads provided by us are used on doors, window openings and also at the base of a wall or ceiling. Plaster Stop Beads are designed to deliver a clean edge. In addition to this, Plaster Stop Beads protect and finish plaster, to render a smooth construction surface. Furthermore, Plaster Stop Beads are easy to cut to length and

Rib Lath
Inspired by positive response from our clients, we are amongst the reputed providers of Rib Lath. Produced under the strict supervision of professionals, we offer an exclusive and premium range of Rib Lath. Rib Lath is extensively used for plastering background for suspended ceiling, partition and walls. Widely used in the construction

Coil Lath
Empowered with a perfect combination of modern machines and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to offer an exclusive range of Coir Lath. Manufactured using galvanized steel and stainless steel, Coir Lath is widely used as a plastering base in order to reinforce the concrete against cracks between joints. Coil Lath is extensively used

Hy-Rib Lath
The exquisite range of Hy-Rib Lath we offer is produced from hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet. Hy-Rib Lath is applied to the concrete structure to offer better stress strength and help form free shapes. It is due to the versatility of Hy-Rib Lath that is widely used in the construction of tunnel, bridge, raft style foundation, subway or

Steel Lintel
We are engaged in offering high quality Steel Lintel to our clients. The range of Steel Lintel we offer is suitable for spanning a space or opening between two vertical supports, such as those over doors and windows. The Steel Lintel we offer is produced using galvanized steel. Moreover, Steel Lintel is cut to length and then pressed to